The trophy for Raw Air Tournament isn't something you see everyday.

Hadeland Glassworks is one of Norways oldest manufatures. The production of the beautiful glass is still solemnly handmade by competent and talented craftsmen, and they all have a long and detailed background. This year history and great traditions meets the new and exciting, when Handeland Glassworks team up with the RAW AIR team. They have been one of our most important partners in creating the worlds most extreme ski jumping tournament, and today we finally got to launch this partnership. We were also so lucky that we got to see professional glassblowers in action while the designer explained the entire process in detail. And a look at the very first trophy.

The process of creating the trophy was a close cooperation with designer Maud Gjeruldsen Bugge, so that we would able to capture the unique and raw qualities we were looking for. The design she created has a character that reflects Raw Air´s core values perfectly. The trophy is based on Norwegian values, as well as the traditions that comes with the good Norwegian craftsmanship. It weighs nearly 10 kg. and measures approximately 70 cm. diameter. It`s raw, sensational and beautiful.


RAW AIR Trofé from Raw Air Tournament on Vimeo.

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