We knew the monster hill had potential to keep the tournament alive until the last jump had been done, but we never dared to think that the dream would become reality.

The tour is complete. Vikersund gave us an explosive ending to a tournament that without doubt lived up to its slogan as ”intense and extreme”. The spectators created an amazing atmosphere until the very end, and so did the athletes and hosts. It was not only a winner that would be announced Sunday afternoon, but a name for the history books.

With Fridays delay and cancelation of the already cancelled competition in Lillehammer, Saturday hit us back hard. It was a ski jumping competition that gave us two world records, an insane number of long jumps, and gave Andreas Wellinger an 8 point advantage on Stefan Kraft in front of the last competition.

The list completely changed in the final round of the final, when Stefan Kraft delivered a jump that would left it completely open when Andreas Wellinger was the last man that would fly down Vikersund in 2017. Everyone thought Kamil Stoch had secured the third place. Wellinger had been the most stable throughout the entire tournament, and had yet to show a weak jump, and it came out of nowhere when he landed on 166 m.

Stefan Kraft, Kamil Stoch, Andreas Wellinger. Raw Air`s first overall podium. Three athletes that have entertained us, amazed us, and given us the opportunity to feel both joy and sadness. Not only through Raw Air, but through the entire World Cup season. And this is what ski jumping, what sport, is all about. Emotions bringing people together, breaking boundaries and the wonder of flying.

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