RAW AIR is the world's most extreme ski jumping tournament gathering the most talented athletes. During the course of 10 days the athletes will face intense challenges in four different hills.

– We are so excited about RAW AIR and can’t wait to show the world what this can be, says RAW AIR leader Arne Åbråten.

RAW AIR was born in 2016 and will se its first rays of light in March 2017. Starting it all off is Holmenkollen, where traditions and future skiing history meet.

Holmenkollen has three competition days, and after Oslo, the athletes will travel on to Lillehammer. In Lillehammer, two intense competitions awaits.

– After Holmenkollen and Lillehammer, the guys will definetly be tired and exhausted. But they will have no time to rest: Trondheim awaits!, Arne Åbråten explains.

Trondheim is the third venue where two more competitions will take place before the superfinal in Vikersund 17 – 19 March.

– Vikersund is extreme and amazing. It will be a wonderful final for the guys, and we are very anxious to see who stands on top of the podium after the ten intense days, says Arne Åbråten.

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