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Ema Klinec wins Raw Air 2023

Ema Klinec wins Raw Air 2023 and the new world record is 226 meter.

Vant Raw Air 2023

Halvor Egner Granerud wins Raw Air 2023


Granerud Wins Raw Air

19. mar 2023


The final of the RAW AIR 2023 was dominated by the duel between Stefan Kraft and Halvor Egner Granerud. Both athletes once again delivered outstanding performances and in the end both could be celebrated as winners. Kraft won the day with spectacular flights, Granerud celebrated the overall victory at the RAW AIR (50.000,- Euro) and additionally the early win of the overall World Cup, which Granerud could celebrate already before the start of the competition, because his only remaining competitor, the Pole Dawid Kubacki, had cancelled his start due to private reasons.

Ema Klinec wins ski flying and Raw Air

19. mar 2023

Slovenia's Ema Klinec won the first ever women's ski flying event in Vikersund (NOR) on Sunday. The 24-year-old clearly prevailed over Silje Opseth of Norway and Yuki Ito of Japan in the world premiere with flights to 226.5 and 223 meters. With her success, Klinec also won the overall ranking of RAW AIR 2023.

Selina Freitag and Katharina Althaus managed to jump to third and second place in the RAW AIR overall ranking behind overall winner Ema Klinec, a great performance of the German team.


Trial-jumpers Vikersund

16. mar 2023

Tobias Hauglien
Benjamin Pettersen
Ole Gudbrand Kihle Gravemoen
Jarl Magnus Riiber
Anders Ladehaug
Sølve Jokerud Strand
Johannes Årdal
Richard Selbekk Hansen
Iver Myhre
Pål Håkon Bjørtomt
Simen Kvarstad
Espen Jacobsen
Robin Pedersen
Andreas Varsi Breivik
Jo Rømme Mellingsæter
Jesper Ingebrigtsvoll
Christian R Solberg
Sindre U Jørgensen
Adrian T Gundersrud
Jens Gaarder
Marius Aas Hast
Øystein Torshov
Aleksander Skoglund
Iver Olausen
Ryota Yamamoto
Yoshito Watabe
Killian Peier
Marco Wörgöter
Stefan Rainer
Markus Rupitsch
Andrew Urlaub

Ready for RAW AIR

9. mar 2023

The women are ready to take on the ski flying hill. The 15 best in the standings after the races in Lillehammer will get the chance to compete in the historic ski flying competition on Sunday, March 19th. After years of campaigning, the women's world elite will jump down the mammoth hill in Vikersund during the finale of the RAW AIR tournament.

Since Granåsen is under renovation before the 2025 World Championships, there will be double races in Lillehammer. There have never been so many counting jumps in RAW AIR before. With a total of 18 counting jumps for the men and a total of 14 counting jumps for the women spread over ten days, the athletes must be extra focused to reach the top of the standings.

In addition to the traditional World Cup prize money, extra prize money has been set up for the RAW AIR standings. The prize money is equal for women and men, but the total amount on the women's side is lower due to one fewer race.

RAW AIR has sustainability at its core, and, among other things, there will be electric transport of equipment between the competition venues as a new feature in the 2023 tournament.

 In addition to the prize money regulated by the FIS WC rules, there will be paid extra prize money to the FIS World Cup RAW AIR Tournament overall top 3 athletes. First Prize Second Prize Third Prize € 50 000 € 20 000 € 10 000 € 40 000 € 15 000 € 5000

Photo: NTB


Winners 2022

8. mar 2022

This year the competitions were held in Lillehammer and Holmenkollen.

Kriznar won for the first time, while Kraft also won RAW AIR in 2017.


TOP 3 women:

1 Nika Kriznar, Slovenia 1592,7
2 Sara Takanashi, Japan -39,6
3 Ursa Bogataj, Slovenia -46,7

TOP 3 men:

1 Stefan Kraft, Austria 1203,3
2 Karl Geiger, Germany -30,7
3 Ryoyu Kobayashi, Japan -40,4




  • 10 MARCH 2023 — Qualification Men 17:00
  • 10 MARCH 2023 — Qualification Women 20:00
  • 11 MARCH 2023 — Individual Competition Men  14:40
  • 11 MARCH 2023 — Individual Competition Women 18:00
  • 12 MARCH 2023 — Qualification Men  11:30
  • 12 MARCH 2023 — Qualification Women 13:00
  • 12 MARCH 2023 — Individual Competition Women 14:15
  • 12 MARCH 2023 — Individual Competition Men 16:30



  • 13 MARCH 2023 — Qualification Women 11:30
  • 13 MARCH 2023 — Individual competition Women 16:30
  • 13 MARCH 2023 — Qualification Men 20:30
  • 14 MARCH 2023 — Individual competition Men 16:10
  • 14 MARCH 2023 — Qualification Women 19:30
  • 15 MARCH 2023 — Individual competition Women 16:30
  • 15 MARCH 2023 — Qualification Men 19:15
  • 16 MARCH 2023 — Individual competition Men 16:30



  • 17 MARCH 2023 — Qualification Men 17:00
  • 18 MARCH 2023 — Individual competition Men 16:30
  • 19 MARCH 2023 — Individual FIS competition Women RAW AIR FINAL 10:00
  • 19 MARCH 2023 — Qualification Men 14:30
  • 19 MARCH 2023 — Individual competition Men RAW AIR FINAL 16:00


Here you'll be able to find startlists and the latest results from every destination. You'll also be able to find the latest overall standings for the RAW AIR Tournament.


HOLMENKOLLEN: Startlist and results
LILLEHAMMER Startlist and results
VIKERSUND Startlist and results






Here you will find useful information regarding the competition program, results, start lists, team Captain's Meetings, accomodation and general information. The latest Team Info Guides and Logistics Guides will be made avaliable closer to event.

Invitation FIS World Cup Raw Air Tournament 2023



Holmenkollen – Friday March 10,  12:00 at Holmenkollen Park Hotel

Lillehammer – Monday March 13, 13:00 at Lillehammer Hotel

Vikersund – Friday March 17, 12:30 at the hill in Vikersund


Holmenkollen – Friday March 10,  12:30 at Holmenkollen Park Hotel

Lillehammer – Sunday March 12,  18.00 at Holmenkollen Park Hotel

Vikersund – Thursday March 16, 20:00 at River Station Hotel, Drammen



RAW AIR Accreditationoffice& press center 

Openinghours and locations 

Oslo:Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel 


  • Thursday 9th: 12:00 - 20:00 

  • Friday 10th: 08:00 - 20:00 

  • Saturday 11th: 08:00 - 17:00 

Press center: 

  • Thursday 9th: 10:00 - 20:00 

  • Friday 10th: 08:00 - 20:00 

  • Saturday 11th: 08:00 21:30 

  • Sunday: 07:45 – 20:30 


Lillehammer: Scandic Lillehammer Hotel 

Accreditationoffice (also for press accreditation) 

  • Sunday 12th: 16:00 - 21:00 

  • Monday 13th: 08:00 - 20:00 

  • Tuesday 14th: 10:00 - 20:00 

  • Wednesday 15th: 10:00 - 20:00 

Press center: Birkebeinervegen 122, 2618 Lillehammer 

  • To be announced 


Vikersund:Idrettsveien 17, 3370 Vikersund 


  • Tuesday 14th: 15:00 – 20:00 

  • Wednesday 15th: 15:00 – 20:00 

  • Thursday 16th: 12:00 – 20:00 

  • Friday 17th: 08:00 – 20:00 

  • Saturday 18th: 08:00 – 20:00 

  • Sunday 19th: 09:00 – 12:00 


Press center (for press accreditation): 

  • Friday 17th: 08:30 - 18:00  

  • Saturday 18th: 08:30 - 18:00 

 Remember to bring valid Photo ID / Press ID when you pick up your accreditation. 





It all starts in the heart of skiing! 

Welcome to the hill on top of Oslo! Holmenkollen hosts the premiere of RAW AIR. 

In Holmenkollen you get to experience three competitions - starting with qualifications on Friday with free entry. The next day, the men will perform in a team competition before finishing off with individual competition on the traditional "Holmenkollen Sunday". The Ladies have their qualification on Saturday, before finishing off with an individual competition on Sunday. 

All tickets to the Holmenkollen event, which includes competitions in XC skiing and Nordic Combined, will automatically give you access to RAW AIR. 

Holmenkollen is a traditional and unique arena, dating back to 1892 when the first ski event was held here. Now, it's a vibrant venue on top of Norway's capital city Oslo. 

Legendary Norwegian commentator - Arne Scheie: 

Within the ski jumping community, Holmenkollen is a hill everyone is familiar with. Maybe not so strange, considering the first ever competition was held there as early as 1892". 

Norwegian ski jumper – Anders Fannemel  

"Growing up I used to watch the Holmenkollen competitions on TV, and of course I want to perform my best there. 


City: Oslo

Built: 2008 - 2010 

Hill name: Holmenkollen 

Audience capacity:  70.000 

Record: 144 m - Robert Johansson (NOR) March 9th 2019

Hill size 134 m 


Welcome to the Olympic region of Lillehammer and our arena Lysgårdsbakken. We are very proud to host the second part of RAW AIR - the most extreme ski jumping tournament in the world. 

We will do our maximun to deliver up to our standard - PERFECT SKIING! 

The Olympic Ski Jumping Hill – Lillehammer 

During the Raw Air Tournament the Olympic Flame will burn as a symbol of the spectacular competitions in Lillehammer.


City: Lillehammer 

Built: 1992 

Hill name: Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumping Hill 

Audience capacity: 50.000 

Record: HS140 Simon Annan - 146 m. in 2009, HS98 Andreas Kofler - 105 m. in 2011 

Size: HS140 and HS98


Trondheim (NOT 2023)

The big fight of Granåsen! 

Welcome to Trondheim and Granåsen arena. In 1997 we hosted the FIS World Championships Nordic Events. It became a big success! Now we are looking forward to RAW AIR – the most extreme ski jumping tournament in the world. 

Home hero in Trondheim - Johann André Forfang 

"RAW AIR is ten competitions in a row, Norwegian venues, skiflying, and I will jump on home soil in Granåsen. It is absolutely incredible raw. Being able to be among the best there, or the best of all, is the dream".  


City: Trondheim 

Built: 1992 

Slope name: Granåsen 

Audience capacity: 25.000 

Record: 143m - Michael Hayboek 2015 and Noriaki Kasai 2016 

Size: 140m 

Website URL:  



Welcome to the SUPERFINAL of Raw Air in Vikersund – the most extreme skiflying hill in the world!  After seven days of competition all over Norway, the athletes will arrive in Vikersund to name the winner of the Raw Air Tournament. One counting qualification, one team competition and one individual competition. Who can stand the pressure all the way to the final in Vikersund? 

The dream of Vikersund - Anders Fannemel 

- it's a dream come true for all ski jumpers to try ski flying. From the first jump you dream of  taking the next step, to try a bigger hill and jump longer and longer and longer. In the end you sit at the top in Vikersund and have the opportunity to do just what you have dreamt of since day one. 


City: Vikersund 

Built: 2010-2011 

Hill name: Vikersund 

 Audience capacity: 30.000 + 

World- and hill record: 253,5 m - Stefan Kraft (AUT) 18 March 2017

Size: 240 m

Ticket URL:

Website URL: 

Tickets RAW AIR 2023.

RAW AIR Holmenkollen  – 9.-12. mars

RAW AIR Lillehammer – 13.-16. mars
 (Only VIP, free tickets)

RAW AIR Vikersund – 17.-19. mars

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