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Ready for Raw Air 2025

9. mai 2024

It's time for a new edition of Raw Air from March 13th to 16th, 2025. Ski jumping will take place in Holmenkollen and Vikersund. For the first time, 25 women will compete in ski flying during the tournament's final weekend.

At today's meeting of the ski jumping committee in the International Ski Federation FIS, held in Portoroz, Slovenia, significant new milestones were established for women's ski jumping. Just a few days after the conclusion of the World Championships in Trondheim, preparations are underway for a new Raw Air tournament. It all begins in Holmenkollen on Thursday, March 13th, before concluding in Vikersund. In total, there will be nine scoring jumps for men and seven for women in the upcoming winter tournament. 

"We are proud to be hosting a tournament even in the World Championship year in Trondheim, and we are particularly excited to showcase the World Championship heroes in Holmenkollen and Vikersund just a few days after the championship," says the tournament project manager, Ståle Villumstad.

"World record holder Silje Opseth is delighted that 25 women will get to jump in Vikersund, and that there's room for Raw Air even in the World Championship year in Trondheim. 'Fantastic news, and it will be great to have another season next winter with so many ski jumping competitions in Norway. Ski flying is one of the coolest things I've experienced. That 25 of us can finally jump in Vikersund next year is a very significant step in the right direction for us. This will elevate women's ski jumping even further,' says Opseth. 

RAW AIR 2025 Facts
RAW AIR 2025 Schedule, (7 scoring jumps for women and 9 for men):
March 13th: Holmenkollen, HS 134, qualification and races for women and men
March 14th: Vikersund HS 240, official training for women, qualification for men
March 15th: Vikersund, HS 240, individual races for men and women
March 16th: Vikersund, HS 240, Raw Air final for men and women

Holmenkollen will be like a regular World Cup weekend with qualification, featuring 40 women and 50 men. In Vikersund, the top 25 women in the World Cup standings will compete in the first round on Saturday and Sunday, while the top 15 will advance to the final round. Men will follow regular World Cup rules for ski flying, with the top 40 competing in Saturday's race after Friday's qualification. In addition to World Cup prize money in all races, there will be prize money for the top three overall in the RAW AIR tournament for both men and women.

All decisions made by the calendar committee in Slovenian Portoroz will be finally approved by the FIS Council."

Eva Pinkelnig from Austria celebrates that 25 women will get to ski jump in Vikersund this winter. Here she is with the project leader for Raw Air, Ståle Willumstad (left), and the ski jumping race director for FIS, Sandro Pertile. Pinkelnig is the athlete representative for ski jumping in FIS and closely follows the meetings in Slovenia. Photo: Claes-Tommy Herland/Norwegian Ski Federation

Stefan Kraft wins Raw Air 2024

18. mar 2024

Stefan Kraft from Austria won Raw Air overall for the third time. He has shown an impressively high level throughout Raw Air. Kraft started by winning the first competition in Holmenkollen and took third place in Sunday's competition in Holmenkollen. This gave him a good position in the overall Raw Air standings. 

In Trondheim, where the World Championships will be held next year, Kraft took the victory in the large hill, which meant that Kraft led with 26 points before the final weekend in Vikersund. 

In Vikersund, the men did the qualification on Friday, which was won by Peter Prevc in what was his last ski flying weekend in Vikersund. In Sunday's first competition, Kraft jumped 244.5 metres and won the first of two competitions on Sunday. In the second competition, Kraft continued to fly far, finishing second behind teammate Daniel Huber and securing the overall victory in Raw Air. Huber climbed up to third place overall with several long flights in Vikersund. Peter Prevc took second place overall in his final Raw Air. 

Top 3
1. Stefan Kraft 2494.7
2. Peter Prevc 2369.1
3. Daniel Huber 2326.7


Eirin Maria Kvandal wins Raw Air 2024

18. mar 2024

Eirin Maria Kvandal started by winning Friday's qualification in Holmenkollen before continuing her good jumping in Saturday's competition with a third place and finishing the weekend in Holmenkollen by winning both the qualification and the competition on Sunday.

Raw Air continued in Trondheim and Granåsen, Kvandal's home venue. There, the 22-year-old strengthened her grip on the overall Raw Air lead with victory in Tuesday's normal hill competition and second place in Wednesday's large hill. Kvandal thus entered the final weekend in Vikersund as the leader of Raw Air with 53.5 points before Raw Air was decided by ski flying. 

Raw Air finished with ski flying, and Sunday's competition was a day of celebration for the Norwegian women. Eirin Maria Kvandal won the first World Cup competition in women's ski flying and secured the overall Raw Air title. In addition, Silje Opseth flew far down the hill and set a new world record with 230.5 metres and the record jump made her climb all the way up to second place in Raw Air overall.

Top 3
1. Eirin Maria Kvandal 1790,4
2. Silje Opseth 1638,4
3. Eva Pinkelnig 1634,9


Trial jumpers in Vikersund

14. mar 2024

Sølve Jokerud Strand
Oscar Westerheim
Ole Guldbrand Gravermoen
Marcus Grønvold
Sander Modalen Bakken
Tobias Haugelien
Benjamin Pettersen
Torje Seljeset
Nicolai Sundal Eriksen
Adrian Thoen Gundersrud
Martin Tonby Opsahl
Jørgen Oliver Strøm
Lojze Petek
Simen Meen Haugeng
Fredrik Gran
Decker Dean
Casey Larson
Richard Selbekk-Hansen
Andrew Urlaub
Iver Myhre
Christian Røste Solberg
Jo Rømme Mellingsæter
Jesper Ingebrigtsvoll
Anders Håre 
Iver Olaussen
Bendik Heggli 
Kevin Bickner
Sindre Ulven Jørgensen

RAW AIR 2024 is approaching

20. feb 2024

Soon it's time for RAW AIR 2024 and with a new format for this year's RAW AIR, it will increase the excitement of this year's competition. RAW AIR 2024 starts with Holmenkollen before Granåsen is next and then RAW AIR ends with ski flying in Vikersund. In this year's RAW AIR, the jumpers must master the small, large and ski flying hill to become the winner of RAW AIR 2024.

– Last year we saw the anticipation connected to which of the women who got to jump in Vikersund, now we are adjusting to increase the excitement for the men’s RAW AIR as well. This will heighten the drama and interest around the athletes having to master three different sizes of hills in RAW AIR 2024. This has never happened before, says project leader of the tournament, Ståle Villumstad.

This year's RAW AIR will be the first time a women's ski flying World Cup has been held. The women will jump two World Cup competitions in Vikersund and will finally have the opportunity to compete for the overall World Cup in ski flying.

In just a couple of weeks, the world's most extreme and intense ski jumping tournament will begin. It is once again a tough programme with 16 counting jumps in total for women and men to be completed in just 10 days. This year, there will be more excitement about who will be allowed to jump the last round in Vikersund for both women and men.

The women who will be permitted to start in the ski flying competitions in Vikersund, will be the top 15 from the World Cup-overall, and a possible addition of 5 athletes from the top 15 of RAW AIR after the competitions in Granåsen. The 50 best men in RAW AIR after the competitions in Granåsen will participate in a qualification in Vikersund on the Friday, where 40 will qualify for the competition on Saturday. For the finale on the Sunday, it will only be the 30 best men starting. The 20 best will be jumping in the 2nd round and the top 10 will proceed to a final 3rd round to fight for the RAW AIR overall title.

Silje Opseth 230,5 meter

Silje Opseth Opseth set a new world record of 230.5 meters.

Wins Raw Air 2024

Stefan Kraft wins Raw Air 2024

Wins Raw Air 2024

Eirin Maria Kvandal.wins Raw Air 2024




  • 8 MARCH 2024 17:00 — Qualification Men HS134
  • 8 MARCH 2024 20:00  — Qualification Women HS 134
  • 9 MARCH 2024 14:40 — Individual Competition Men HS 134 
  • 9 MARCH 2024 16:45 — Individual Competition Women HS 134
  • 10 MARCH 2024 13:00 — Qualification Men HS 134
  • 10 MARCH 2024 11:30 — Qualification Women HS 134
  • 10 MARCH 2024 17:00 — Individual Competition Women HS 134
  • 10 MARCH 2024 14:20 — Individual Competition Men HS 134



  • 12 MARCH 2024 11:00 — Qualification Women HS 105
  • 12 MARCH 2024 16:00 — Individual competition Men HS 105
  • 12 MARCH 2024 18:00 — Individual competition Women HS 105
  • 13 MARCH 2024 11:00 — Qualification Women HS138
  • 13 MARCH 2024 16:00 — Individual competition Men HS 138 
  • 13 MARCH 2024 18:15 — Individual competition Women HS138



  • 15 MARCH 2024 16:30 — Qualification Men HS 240
  • 16 MARCH 2024 10:00 — Individual competition Women HS 240
  • 16 MARCH 2024 16:00 — Individual FIS competition MenHS 240
  • 17 MARCH 2024 10:00 — Individual competition Women HS 240
  • 17 MARCH 2024 15:30 — Individual competition Men HS240


Here you'll be able to find startlists and the latest results from every destination. You'll also be able to find the latest overall standings for the RAW AIR Tournament.


HOLMENKOLLEN: Startlist and results
GRANÅSEN Startlist and results
VIKERSUND Startlist and results









Here are the opening hours and locations where you can pick up continuous accreditation during RAW AIR

Oslo: Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel
Thursday 7th of March: 08:00 – 20:00
Friday 8th of March: 08:00 – 20:00
Saturday 9th of March: 08:00 – 17:00
Sunday 10th of March: 08:00 – 15:00 

Trondheim: Scandic Lerkendal
Monday 11th of March: 17:00 – 20:00
Tuesday 12th of March: 11:00 – 15:00
Wednesday 13th of March: 14:00 – 21:00 

Vikersund: Scandic Ambassadeur
Thursday 14th of March – Sunday 18th of March – by agreement with Camilla.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email:

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